Nose masks precautions

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Nose masks precautions

Masks serve as a barrier between germs and the oral and nasal cavity.

The goal of a mask is to cover both the nose and the mouth while allowing one breathe comfortably. They are used to prevent the spread of a disease and protect everyone else from an infected person; they are to be worn always in public places.

How to use a mask correctly

  • Before and after putting on a nose mask wash your hands
  • Place the nose mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin
  • Tie the ropes behind your ears
  • Ensure the mask is your size and you can breathe through it easily
  • Wash your hands or apply an alcohol-based sanitizer after putting on your mask


– Avoid touching your masks, and if you do, wash your hands.


– Do not reuse a disposable mask.


– Choose a nose mask that fits your face, to prevent it from being too tight or too loose.


– Do not use another person’s masks.


– Avoid using a wet mask it makes breathing difficult.


– If you use glasses use a mask that fits closely over your nose or has a wire to help you reduce fogging, you can also make use of anti fogging spray for your glasses.


– Store wet and dirty mask in in a plastic bag.


– Wash reusable mask with soap or detergent, by hand or with a

Washing machine and dry directly under sunlight.


– When removing your nose mask, do so by pulling it off from the strides or ropes.


– Don’t touch your face while wearing your facemask.


– Do not forget your mask.



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