10 amazing reasons why you should drink warm water in the morning

10 amazing reasons why you should drink warm water in the morning post thumbnail image

10 amazing reasons why you should drink warm water in the morning

You may be used to drinking a cup of coffee or tea to wake you up in the morning. Some of you may opt for a glass of cool water to replenish you and get your morning started. These things may now be morning habits; however, it can be worth reconsidering how you start your morning because research shows that drinking warm water on an empty stomach offers the most health benefits.

the 10 amazing reasons why you should drink warm water includes;

  • Improves blood circulation: warm water helps in expanding the blood vessels, there-by the improving circulation of blood.  The Heat warms your body up your body from the inside, which causes circulatory system dilation and helps blood flow throughout your body. Accumulated deposits in the nervous system and fat deposits in the body are eliminated when you drink a glass of warm water. This process helps flush out the toxins that are present throughout the body, which in turn, aids blood circulation.


  • Helps with weight loss: warm water helps break down the fat molecules in your diet faster, which leads to weight loss. Warm water increases your body temperature, which; in turn, increases your metabolic rate. An increase in metabolic activity gives the body the ability to burn more calories throughout the day. If you start your day by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon, you will help your body break down the adipose tissue (or body fat) in your body.


  • Relieves nasal congestion: Hot water can sooth your mucous membranes in these areas and loosen up any congestion. Plus, the steam from hot drinks will help clear your sinuses. Also, Holding a cup of hot water and taking a deep inhale of this gentle vapor may help loosen clogged sinuses and even relieve a sinus headache.


  • Maintains a healthy skin: Drinking warm water improves the circulatory system & rejuvenates the skin cells by supplying nutrients throughout the body. It keeps your skin hydrated, soft, and glowing.


  • Eases constipation: if you begin your morning by drinking very warm water, before you have eaten anything, you can help improve your bowel movements, thus reducing the effects of constipation.


  • Aids digestion: A glass of warm water in the morning is great for cleansing your body as it flushes out toxins. Warm water plays an essential role in breaking down food and also keeps your digestive system healthy. You also need to drink warm water after meals as it breaks down food at a faster rate, thereby making the food items easy to digest. Consumption of cold water after a meal hardens the oil present in various food items making it difficult to digest food.


  • Aids detoxification: Hot water helps the body flush out toxins as you sweat and urinate. Body temperature will rise as you consume the hot drink, causing you to sweat. Nothing can help you detoxify your body better than a glass of warm water. The toxins present in your body enter your system through food you eat, environment. Warm water dissolves these toxins from your system and detoxifies your body. While eating all the day, fat and toxin deposits in our body. So drinking warm waterdaily in the morning flushes/clears out the kidney toxins and fat deposit in the intestine through the urinary region.


  • Eases pain: If you have a headache or inflammation of any kind, it is advisable to drink a glass of warm water.


  • Warm water stimulates blood flow, which makes it an excellent remedy for treating headaches and inflammation also, Sipping up hot water during periods increases the blood flow, relaxing the tensed muscles resulting in reduced cramps.


  • Improves hair health: Warm water is considered as a great source of energy for hair cells. It encourages their usual activities & expedites the growth of tresses. The consumption of warm water keeps scalp hydrated and helps in combats against dry scalp or dandruff. So, kick starts your day with a glass of warm water & experience the miracle!


  • Reduces shivering in the cold: found that while the body’s natural response in cold conditions is to shiver, drinking warm fluids can help reduce shivering. Subjects wore suits circulated with water that was a bit above freezing, then drank water at a variety of temperatures, including up to 126°F (52°C). Researchers found that drinking the hot water quickly helped the subjects put less work into maintaining their body temperature. That could be handy, the study notes, for people working or exercising in cold conditions.


NOTE: The primary risk of drinking hot water is one of being burned. Water that feels pleasantly warm on the tip of a finger may still burn the tongue or throat.


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