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Benefits of Exercise.

Exercise and Virginity

Keeping the virginity is a big treasure for many. For few it is not a big deal to lose the virginity. Many couples decide to break their virginity on their wedding night. This is more common among women. Many women feel that virginity is an asset or a gift to their spouses. This is why, they restrict themselves to make out sessions with their boyfriends. Also, virgin women are scared of the pain that occurs when the virginity breaks.

Hymen is a thin tissue which blocks the entry to the vagina.The hymen is thin fleshy tissue that stretches across part of the opening of the vagina. It doesn’t cover it completely, otherwise there wouldn’t be a place for menstrual blood to leave the body.

The hymen is largely misunderstood – not only by men but also women all over the world. It’s made out to be a symbol of virginity and purity when all it really is, is a part of your body. This hymen breaks when you encounter first sexual intercourse. Even masturbation can break the tight hymen. When the hymen breaks, slight bleeding or pain is felt. It is normal to face such problems in this situation.If your hymen thinned over time, which many do, it may already be history before your first sexual encounter. And again, it may be completely unnoticeable when it happens (Bleeding often means losing virginity but it is not necessary that every woman will bleed).

Medically speaking, having a hymen (or losing it) doesn’t make any difference to a person’s health. But the social and religious pressure (in some cultures and most religions) to have an intact hymen at the time of marriage can have a negative impact on mental health.

Just like your appendix and wisdom teeth, the hymen is a vestigial structure—meaning it doesn’t really serve a specific physiological function. Evolutionary theory suggests that it formed to protect the vagina from bacteria, giving animals with a hymen a reproductive edge, but experts today still aren’t really sold on a reason why they’re still around.

However, the hymen cannot be intact. If you are an athlete or exercise a lot, then the hymen can stretch or even break. There are many exercises which affect your intact hymen.

Here are some exercises and physical activities that can break your hymen:

  • Stretching mostly splitting exercise.
  • Swimming, depending on the pressure exerted on the pelvic muscles.
  • Cycling as it stretches the pelvic muscles and gradually ruptures the hymen.
  • Horse riding, (the non-sexual activity) breaks the hymen.
  • Gymnasium, depending on the stretching and pressure, hymen ruptures.
  • The use of tampons and even masturbation can break your hymen.


Even though the hymen gets ruptured due to these exercises, you do not lose virginity because sexual activity is the ideal thing that makes a woman lose her virginity. Absence of hymen doesn’t imply the loss of virginity.